What if your entire team could beat their metrics?

Up to 80% of your revenue is generated by just 20% of your team. See how Lume helps close your performance gaps through targeted coaching on what really differentiates your top performers from the rest of the pack.
Zoom in on the moments that matter most

A core set of skills account for most of the variation between world-class and average performers. After thousands of hours of observations and ride-alongs with frontline employees, we have decoded how the best sales people do their work. Learn more below.

Our Process
Quickly measure and assess
Powered by competence assessments

An easy to use interface and step-by-step guidance allows managers to objectively assess the abilities of team members on key skills. All in 10-20 minutes.

Combined with confidence assessments

Using self-reflective assessments, Lume empowers team members to own their professional growth through exercises designed to promote honest self-reflection.

Dashboards built to facilitate stress-free coaching
See your team’s skill development at both the team and individual level. Easily identify the strengths and opportunities of each employee and jump start your next coaching conversation.
Don’t know what to talk about? We got you. Personalized coaching tips for each employee highlight their highest impact growth opportunities. We even connect to the most relevant learning resources for your teams so they can continue their learning journey independently.
The most important learning material for each person, first
Content and resources tailored for unique skill profiles

Everyone claims to provide personalized learning pathways but few meet expectations. We do it better by micro-tagging learning content to each competency and skill level and using a proprietary algorithm to pinpoint and deliver the most interesting and impactful pieces of content for each person, first.

Leverage your existing learning assets

In addition to offering access to our own curated collection of resources, Lume also incorporates your existing assets into the same resource library. The benefit? Increased visibility and effectiveness of your educational material.

See our work
Check your progress. Stay on track.

At a glance, managers can see their team members’ skill maps side-by-side for a quick comparison of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses .

Tenure Analysis

Team members are expected to grow over time. Tenure analysis makes it easy to know that this is happening. Each employee’s skill profile is mapped on trend lines so managers can see who’s keeping pace and who’s not.

Reporting Analytics

Access valuable reporting data to see what’s working and what isn’t. Armed with key stats and information, you can easily track improvement over time and find the insights you need to develop your best team yet.

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