Decode the skills, mindsets, and behaviors required to raise the bar on performance.

In just a few weeks, we could help you build a strategy to close skill gaps and reduce the performance variation in your most critical roles. Our skills diagnostic allows us to customize our solutions to best fit your organization’s needs, objectives, and processes.
Identify key job activities
We identify the categories of job activity and behavior that are most closely linked to business metrics that matter.
Analyze performance
We analyze employee performance in these categories through a mix of observation, interviews, and data analytics.
Zero in on critical skill sets
Driven by our analysis, we find the small set of knowledge, skills, and abilities that enable high performance.
Create talent strategy
We help you to create new job descriptions, career pathways, business processes, and learning tools to drive higher performance.
Interviews, observations, and analytics drive insights

First, we employ a mix of in-person and phone interviews with leadership and a select sample of managers and frontline employees. This allows us to calibrate expectations around job responsibilities and to identify metrics for success across the entire range of stakeholders. Combining your company specific goals with our knowledge of industry best practices, we can build a hypothesis around the specific skills, mindsets, and behaviors that differentiate your top performers from the rest of the team.

Two-three members of the LumeWorks team will coordinate with you to visit a selection of teams in various locations where we will sit alongside a sample of your frontline employees to refine and test our initial hypothesis. Researchers at heart, we understand the importance of not disrupting your team’s daily workflow, so don’t worry – just think of us as a fly on the wall for a few days.

Using the data that we collect through an assessment framework developed in conjunction with McKinsey & Co., we conduct longitudinal analysis of multi-year sales performance for a representative set of frontline employees and teams. This allows us to zero in on the key moments that drive performance variation, identify personas with distinct skill profiles, and pinpoint the most impactful ways to close the performance gap in your teams.

Throughout our diagnostic process, we conduct regular steering committee reviews to share our progress and debrief on insights along the way. We understand the importance of being flexible, so we work with you as thought partners to problem-solve around any challenges. After the initial diagnostic, we provide continuous support through a variety of technology and customized content solutions.

After a few weeks, you’ll know...
The unique talent gaps across your salesforce and their impact on revenue
  • There is a core set of general, industry, and company specific skill gaps that drive performance variation in critical roles.
  • Our work has demonstrated that reducing these gaps can often increase revenues by 10-15%.
The key moments when top performers show differentiated skills, behaviors, and mindsets
  • We know that top performers excel in critical moments unique to each role and company.
  • Using Lume, our coaching and development solution, you will be able to operationalize what drives success for your best people and elevate your entire team with intuitive and easy-to-use technology.
Detailed personas and profiles of your top, middle, and low performers
  • Driven by data, our cluster analysis of frontline employees identifies the background and characteristics of your top, middle, and low performers.
  • See what actually translates into success in different roles – use this knowledge for career pathway planning, coaching, or even hiring and promotions.