Make the most of your uniqueness
While there are some universal truths to success, each team and employee is different. At LumeWorks, we embrace these differences and are committed to helping you provide the best solution for every individual.
Our Philosophy
Your people are your most important asset. Our mission is to help organizations close critical skill gaps by defining what drives the success of top performers and empowering managers with the tools and insights to accelerate the development of the rest of your team.
Our Story
There is no one type of middle performer. Most solutions fail to identify the specific drivers of success for each role in each organization – much less address the needs of each employee. As a group of former educators, management consultants, and learning & development professionals, we noticed a disconnect in the unique skill profiles of individuals and the impersonal nature of existing employee development solutions.

We founded LumeWorks to bridge the gap between corporate education and key business operations. From customized onboarding and content solutions to Lume, our flagship coaching and professional development platform, we aim to empower every organization to cultivate excellence by coaching and developing what really matters most – your people.
Our Team
We are a group of former educators, management consultants, and learning & development professionals. The diversity of our team provides LumeWorks with a unique perspective on how best to close skill gaps and optimize employee development.
Terry McDonough CEO Harvard and MIT graduate who has worked with Teach for America, McKinsey, and top charter schools as an educator and consultant.
Lorraine Haney, Ph.D VP of Content Instructional design expert with over 15 years improving performance in sales, customer service, and leadership.
Alicia McCabe Director of Operations Operations and talent management leader with a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University.
Matthew Lindsey Product Manager UX/UI designer and front-end developer with a degree in Psychology from Yale University.
Wen Huang Strategy & Growth Manager Strategy and marketing consultant with a background in finance and a degree in Economics & Political Science from Swarthmore College.
Connor Burke Engagement Manager People analytics consultant with a degree in Mathematics from William & Mary and experience with data analysis and business development.
Emily Huesman Project Manager Teach for America alumna and Smith College graduate with experience managing globally diverse teams and leading new product development.
Renee Young Senior Instructional Designer Innovative instructional designer who balances true learner needs with business success in private, government, and educational organizations.
Liz Powell Instructional Designer Teach For America alumna with instructional design and content creation experience across government, education, business, and non-profit sectors.